His photojournalist describes the death of VOA stringer Migdad Mojalli.

Posted: 03 Feb 2016   Print   Send a link

The Intercept, 2 Feb 2016, Mohammed Ali Kalfood: “I had never thought the place would come under aerial attack again, at least not that day, when I accompanied my friend Migdad Mojalli to Jaref [Yemen]. We were visiting the resort several days after it had been bombed by airstrikes; we were on assignment for the Voice of America to report on civilians deaths there. Actually, that was our second visit to Jaref; we had been there a couple of days earlier, but Migdad was asked by his editor to reshoot the videos all over again in high quality, and to focus on some specific things. So we had to travel back to Jaref.” See also VOA press release, 18 Jan 2016.