"Euronews launches sister channel Africanews." One video stream, multiple languages.

Posted: 05 Nov 2015   Print   Send a link

Broadband TV News, 5 Nov 2015, Robert Briel: “At this year’s DISCOP in Johannesburg Euronews announced the launch of a sister channel dedicated to sub-Saharan Africa, Africanews, the first pan-African and multilingual media, set to debut January 4, 2016. A team of 85 professionals of 15 nationalities, based in Congo-Brazzaville, is creating an international news channel to cover African and the world news from a pan-African perspective. Produced 24/7 simultaneously in English, French and partially Swahili. Africanews will meet the challenges and opportunities of a Digital Africa, and will introduce the media service on all digital screens and media platforms. … [Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews and Africanews:] ‘Africanews is not “Euronews Africa”. Editorially independent from Euronews and from any political or ideological agenda, Africanews is designed as the first pan-African multilingual news service. … To become the first ever pan-African, multilingual, and unbiased media in Africa we need to solve the image issue first.’”

Kim:This could be a significant development. The Euronews concept is to provide a signle video stream, with multiple audio streams in the several languages of Europe. If Africanews does the same for Africa, it may solve the problem of providing a news channel in all of the major African languages. Of course, the sacrifice is the absence of an anchorperson. But if Africanews can provide strong video coverage from all parts of Africa, and if it lives up to its promise of “unbiased media,” the anchorperson might not be missed. The Al Jazeera Swahili channel, which never materialized, might not be missed, either.