Increasingly multilingual CNN launches CNN Greece

Posted: 05 Nov 2015   Print   Send a link

Advanced Television, 5 Nov 2015: “November 4th saw the official launch event for, a dynamic Greek-language digital offering from DPG Digital Media and CNN International Commercial that combines international news with local content and video. offers content of national and local interest with a focus on video, as well as coverage of international news and major events through content from CNN and its partner network. Besides its core values, which combine transparency, accuracy and telling multiple sides of a story with a balanced approach, is adopting the conduct and operational code synonymous with CNN.”

CNN, 5 Nov 2015: “ combines international news from CNN with locally-produced content and video. ‘As the world’s news leader, CNN is committed to bringing news in different formats and platforms across the world to reach and engage new audiences,’ said Rani R. Raad, Chief Commercial Officer of CNN International.”

KIM: CNN’s non-English operations are not international broadcasting in the purest sense because these generally involve local partners. Television channels such as CNN Türk certainly must adhere to target-country regulations and restrictions. An all-Internet operation such as could produce its content outside of Greece, if necessary, but the local partner must be mindful of regulations if it wishes to make money. CNN could try to produce the language content on its own, but it would not have the area knowledge for newsgathering and advertising sales.