News about un-international broadcasting: BBC Store will be UK-only.

Posted: 05 Nov 2015

Digital TV Europe, 5 Nov 2015: “BBC Worldwide today launches its download-to-own BBC Store, promising access to the ‘most comprehensive collection of BBC programmes ever collected’. The store is a joint effort between the BBC’s commercial and public service arms and is accessible both through the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up service and from a standalone website – with BBC Store mobile apps due to follow. … Asked whether the BBC planned to launch the BBC Store internationally, [Marcus Arthur, MD BBC Worldwide & ANZ] said that the download-to-own model would be UK-only. ‘This is a download-to-own service, rather than subscription VOD; this is a UK-only service. We have no plans to take this overseas. As [BBC director general] Tony Hall said, we have a plan to do a subscription service in the US, which is different from this.’”

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