Some obscure VOA jazz history

Posted: 03 Nov 2015   Print   Send a link

Jazz Journal (UK), November 2015: “MILES DAVIS: AT NEWPORT 1955-75 (Columbia/Legacy) This 18th boxed Miles set from Columbia is Vol 4 of their excellent ‘Bootleg’ series, although why this mainly legitimately sourced music should be tainted with piracy is not clear. Most of the recordings come from Newport, but also include stuff from the times when ‘Newport’ was exported to New York and to Europe. Columbia claim that four of the five hours or so here have not been issued before. The music at Newport was usually recorded by the Voice of America (VoA) and by a unit with [jazz promoter] George Wein’s approval. Eventually the VoA handed a lot of their stuff at random to the BBC which then distributed it to local radio. I was privileged to see George Wein’s face when I told him that this had happened. (Steve Voce)”