Worldspace afterlife involves Cayman Islands and China Radio International

Posted: 03 Nov 2015

SpaceNews, 30 Oct 2015, Peter B. de Selding: “Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems has begun construction of an L-band mobile broadcasting satellite for the Chinese market under a contract with a New York-based company acting on behalf of a Cayman Islands-based, Hong Kong-traded company affiliated with China Telecom. El Segundo, California-based Boeing has been involved with Cayman-based CMMB Vision Holdings Ltd. and its Silkwave-1 satellite project for the better part of two years. But only recently has CMMB lined up sufficient financial and regulatory support to permit construction to start. … New York Broadband will lease all the capacity to CMMB. To quicken its entry into the Chinese market for radio and video broadcasts via satellite to automobiles in China, CMMB has negotiated the purchase of the aging AsiaStar satellite at 105 degrees east. AsiaStar was part of a planned digital radio broadcast constellation for WorldSpace, which has since sold its assets and disappeared. Charles Wong, chief executive of CMMB, said the company has negotiated the terms of the purchase of AsiaStar and determined that despite its age — it was launched in 2000 — it has six to eight years of useful life remaining. … CMMB’s operating partner will be China Radio International, which Wong said has broadcasting rights in mainland China.” KIM: Worldspace was an L-band satellite radio service that started business in the 1990s and filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Its successor is Yazmi, a “satellite-to-tablet content delivery system” particularly for schools and government agencies, using the Afristar and Asiastar satellites launched by Worldspace. I’m not sure how CMMB’s purchase of Asiastar will affect Yazmi operations on that satellite.

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