China-based StarTimes multichannel platform brings Chinese content to Africa

Posted: 03 Nov 2015

Digital TV Europe, 3 Nov 2015: “StarTimes media executive Michael Dearham tells DTVE’s Andy McDonald about the China-based company’s ambitious African expansion efforts. Since making its first steps into Africa in 2007, China’s StarTimes has made a major mark on the continent’s digital TV landscape, now claiming more than five million DTT and DTH subscribers across 16 countries. … Dearham says that StarTimes’ content strategy is based around ‘three pillars’: exclusive sports rights; high production-value Chinese content dubbed into local languages; and different types of indigenous-language content in languages like Swahili, Luganda and Yoruba. He claims these are key to setting StarTimes apart from its competition – namely Africa’s dominant pay TV provider, Multichoice. … Dearham says that StarTimes’ aim is to ensure its pay TV offering is affordable and ‘address millions’ of people that don’t have access to digital TV. In Nigeria, for example, StarTimes’ entry-level Nova bouquet, which consists of some 29 channels, costs just NGN600 (€2.65) per-month.” KIM: The only international news channel on that StarTimes Nigeria Nova bouquet is China’s English-language CCTV News. The pan-African news channel TVC News is also available.

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