Al Jazeera moves from Arabsat to "anti-jamming" Es'haul 1.

Posted: 30 Oct 2015   Print   Send a link

Advanced Television, 26 Oct 2015, Chris Forrester: “Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO of Qatar’s Es’Hail satellite operation, says that Qatar will shortly be shifting their portfolio of channels including news channel Al-Jazeera, and the beIN Sport channels from Arabsat to exclusive carriage on Es’Hail-1. The impact will not be severe for viewers in the MENA region given that Arabsat’s ‘hot spot’ is at 26 degrees East and Es-Hail-1 operates from the adjacent 25.5 degrees East, and thus will appear to be co-located with Arabsat. The initial changes will take place early in November, with the final switch happening during January 2016.”
Es’hailSat press release, 31 Dec 2014: “We have designed Es’hail 1 and our second satellite Es’hail 2 with advanced anti-jamming capabilities.”