Is "Freedom News Network" a business opportunity as well as a subtle-as-a-brick brand name?

Posted: 16 Jun 2015

Daily Beast, 16 June 2015, Tim Mak: “Robert Cristiano—a sports psychologist, real estate executive, and self-proclaimed ‘personal friend’ of Royce’s—has emerged as the central player in an apparent plan to benefit from the congressman’s efforts to reform the U.S. government’s international broadcasters, including Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. Royce’s legislation would replace the existing broadcasters with a new government-funded broadcasting corporation called the ‘Freedom News Network.’ As it happens, Cristiano has created a corporation with the very same name. It’s a vehicle that could then vacuum up new contracts, new salaries, and new opportunities. Royce denies that he’s involved in anything improper. He even shot down the idea that he and Cristiano are friends.”

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