House of Commons committee calls for investment to counter China/Iran jamming/blocking of BBC World Service content.

Posted: 17 Oct 2013   Print   Send a link
The Telegraph, 17 Oct 2013, David Blair: "The BBC should invest in protecting its global news service from being jammed by countries like Iran and China, the Foreign Affairs select committee will say on Thursday. The MPs’ report will stress how Iran and China make immense efforts to jam the BBC. The former obstructs the BBC Persian news channel; the latter blocks BBC World Service broadcasts in Mandarin. Since February, China has also 'intensively jammed' the BBC World Service in English. Iran and China also try to block access to BBC news websites. 'The BBC needs to think sooner rather than later about what scale of investment will be needed in order to preserve open access to its internet-based services for international audiences,' say the MPs. New technology can protect satellite and radio services from being jammed."

House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, 17 Oct 2013, excerpt from "The FCO's human rights work in 2012": "The right of access to information, across borders, is fundamental. As we have pointed out on numerous occasions, the BBC World Service makes a huge contribution to the projection of the UK, its values and strengths, across the world. It would be astonishing if that work were to be diminished purely because the BBC lacked the resources to protect its broadcasts from interference by states where tolerance and freedom of expression are not entrenched. We urge the BBC, as the future funder of the BBC World Service, to recognise in future funding plans the need to provide the resources necessary to afford that protection."