On Guam, a shortwave transmitting site rededicated rather than dismantled.

Posted: 14 Oct 2013   Print   Send a link
AWR Wavescan via Shortwave Central, 14 Oct 2013: "On Tuesday September 3, Adventist World Radio welcomed a group of international and local guests to a rededication ceremony at our Guam shortwave station to mark the completion of a major expansion for the station. The modification of existing antenna systems and the installation of a large new curtain antenna has increased the transmission capability of station KSDA by approximately 25% and this is comparable to adding a whole new station to the AWR operation. This upgrade enables AWR to improve its broadcasts to numerous countries in Asia... Currently, Adventist World Radio is on the air worldwide in nearly 100 languages, with programming produced in 75 different production studios. The shortwave station on Guam KSDA, is itself on the air with nearly 300 hours of programming each week in 34 languages, from its technical system of 5 shortwave transmitters and 5 curtain antennas."