BBC Worldwide: More focus on emerging markets and integration of operating divisions.

Posted: 16 Sep 2013   Print   Send a link, 12 Sept 2013, Paul Dempsey, president of global markets at BBC Worldwide, as interviewed by Mansha Daswani: "[There were] fast-emerging markets in the world where the appetite for our content was strong, but we hadn’t really focused on them—particularly Latin America and Asia—and then there were the more mature environments where we were more established, like the U.K. and North America and Australia. We felt we had to shift the organization to allow us to put more focus on the [emerging] regions. Secondly, the media landscape is getting so much more complicated that I don't know how in the future it will be easy for companies to operate with separate operating divisions in any one market. There’s so much fluidity between the channels you operate yourselves, third-party sales and the digital markets. We had areas of global expertise in all of those activities, but on the ground [were] disconnected and, ironically, incentivized to try and deliver different things. So as well as going to a regional structure, we integrated all the activities in the regions. [That gives you] focus and the ability to respond quickly to this changing environment." -- Recommended reading: this is a comprehensive interview. BBC Worldwide is the BBC's commercial arm, operating channels and selling programs and program formats outside of the UK to provide additional funding for the BBC in the UK.

BBC Worldwide press release, 21 Aug 2013: "BBC Worldwide today announced a deal with CCTV, providing China’s state television broadcaster with more than 65 hours of BBC programmes. The deal was announced at BBC Worldwide’s China Showcase today. The event, held for the third time, saw BBC Worldwide unveil hundreds of new programme offerings from a variety of genres to over 100 industry partners in the country. The event also served as a forum to exchange ideas for future collaborations. This new programming deal with CCTV involves factual programmes, with natural history making up the bulk of the package."