Radio Free Sarawak back on the air and back in the news.

Posted: 14 Sep 2013   Print   Send a link
New York Times, 16 Aug 2013, Gerry Mullany: "[Clare] Newcastle Brown has given voice to growing concerns among Malaysians about environmental degradation. She spreads her message on social media, her Sarawak Report Web site and broadcasts on Radio Free Sarawak. ... Radio Free Sarawak [was] helped along by a drive that put 10,000 shortwave radios in the hands of Malaysians to hear the broadcasts, an effort aided by local churches and opposition groups. 'They have verandas where families will sit together and listen to the radio,' Ms. Rewcastle Brown said. To increase the audience, they eventually moved the broadcasts to later in the day to accommodate workers coming home from rice paddies."

Radio Free Sarawak returned to the air in August after a hiatus beginning just after Malaysian elections in May. See also The Star (Kuala Lumpur), 12 Aug 2013.