Al Jazeera says its satellite signals are jammed from Egypt.

Posted: 09 Sep 2013   Print   Send a link
The Guardian, 3 Sept 2013, Lisa O'Carroll: "The source of jamming of al-Jazeera's Egyptian TV service is outside Cairo, according to a company that investigates interference with satellite signals. Bruno Dupas, president of Integral Systems, said his company was able to geo-locate the origin of the interference which al-Jazeera says it has been suffering on a daily basis since 3 July when Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was deposed. ... Al-Jazeera, which commissioned the investigation, said the locations Integral provided are close to Egyptian military sites, leading it to believe the jamming was carried out by the Egyptian government."

Gulf Times (Doha), 6 Sept 2013: "'The Al Jazeera Network condemns the jamming of its operations and stresses that any attempt to disturb the broadcast will not affect the network’s quest to report facts and bring truth to viewers,' [a] statement said. 'In reaction to this clear violation of broadcasting rights, Al Jazeera has decided to take legal advice and action against those who are responsible for the jamming of the signal.'"

Al Jazeera English, 4 Sept 2013: "The Qatar-based broadcaster has been forced to change frequencies several times to allow viewers to continue to watch the network's news and sport channels."

Egypt Independent, 7 Sept 2013, translating Al-Masry Al-Youm: "Qatar will maneuver around the Egyptian government’s shutdown of Al-Jazeera, media experts say, by launching its first satellite 'Suhail 1' in a bid to reaffirm its place in Arab media. ... [A] source expressed fear of the consequences of the ruling which ordered Al-Jazeera channels be banned on Nilesat. The source said Al-Jazeera, which monopolizes all international and continental sporting events, will move to Suhail 1, taking all football and sports audience."

VOA News, 3 Sept 2013, Edward Yeranian: "An Egyptian court has ordered four television channels to halt their broadcasts, including Aljazeera's local affiliate and a network belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. ... Aljazeera reported the court had placed restrictions on it and said Aljazeera was 'broadcasting without a license.' The station says it was granted a license in April. Aljazeera Direct played a jingle Tuesday on its airwaves, amid an abbreviated news schedule, calling for the 'victory of Islam and the defeat of secularism.'"