A world of shortwave jamming: China vs BBC, Iran vs Farda, Zimbabwe vs VOA, Vietnam vs RFA, Cuba vs WRMI.

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SoundCloud, 28 Feb 2013, Victoribbmonitor, Victor Goonetilleke, Colombo, Sri Lanka: "Jamming against BBC 17790. The clip starts with an 8 element log periodic beamed from Colombo to Aseela Oman and after 25 seconds the beam starts to move eastward and settles on 20 degrees East of North. BBC from the dominant signal drops to almost inaudible level and the jammer comes on top."

Reporters sans frontières, 28 Feb 2013: "Reporters Without Borders condemns the jamming of the BBC World Service’s English-language shortwave radio broadcasts in China. The BBC issued a statement on February 25th deploring this violation of freedom of information and suggesting that the Chinese government was to blame. 'We support the BBC and we urge it to file a legal complaint against persons unknown,' Reporters Without Borders said. 'We recently brought this kind of legal action before the French public prosecutor’s office in connection with acts of piracy targeting Radio Erena, a Paris-based Eritrean exile radio station that broadcasts by satellite to the Horn of Africa. We are convinced that this kind of legal initiative can help to shed light on the exact circumstances of such acts of piracy, that is to say, the place where the jamming originates and the identity of those responsible. We also urge the British authorities to complain to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which is a UN body. If it turns out that the Chinese authorities ordered the jamming, they must be called to account. It is illegal, it violates fundamental freedoms and it is detrimental to all those in China who speak English.'"

Radio Australia, 8 Mar 2013, Joanna McCarthy: "The Association for International Broadcasting says English-language broadcasts from Radio Australia, the BBC World Service and Voice of America are being deliberately jammed by a number of frequencies. The AIB has lodged protests about the jamming with Chinese embassies in Canberra, Washington DC and London." With audio interview. See also AIB, 6 Mar 2013. Also reported by Advanced Television, 6 Mar 2013 and The Hollywood Reporter, 6 Mar 2013, Patrick Brzeski.

SoundCloud, 8 Mar 2013, iw0hk, Andrea Borgnino, Italy: "Sweep jamming on Radio Farda - 15690 khz." SoundCloud, 8 Mar 2013, iw0hk, Andrea Borgnino, Italy: "Jamming on Voice of America for Zimbabwe - 15775 khz."

YouTube, 5 Mar 2013, OfficialSWL Channel, Gilles Letourneau, Montréal PQ: "Vietnam jamming Radio Free Asia broadcast on 15170 khz."

VOA Radiogram, 9 Mar 2013, "WRMI, Radio Miami International 9 March 2013, 22200 UTC, 9955 kHz, versus Cuban jamming." -- Cuba is jamming WRMI in general, because of its occasional anti-Castro programming, and probably not because of The Overcomer program (in English) that was on at the time. Here's how an ID in the the MT63-2000 mode, transmitted at that time, prints out despite jamming: