Music Time in Africa Time in America: public radio report on VOA's Leo Sarkisian.

Posted: 28 Dec 2012   Print   Send a link
PRI The World, 27 Dec 2012, Richard Harris: "[I]n 1965, [recently retired VOA broadcaster Leo] Sarkisian launched 'Music Time in Africa,' a weekly program on the Voice of America, first from Liberia and then Washington, DC, using many of the recordings Sarkisian made during his travels throughout Africa. For 47 years, 'Music Time in Africa' has been a bridge between America and Africa. From the beginning, the idea was to interest people in receiving VOA news by getting them used to the station playing music from different regions of the African continent, music they had no other means to receive. They began getting letters from English-speaking African countries saying they had never heard the music of other African countries. Sarkisian made a point of answering every letter." With audio report. See previous post about same subject.