Hispasat removes Iranian international channels Press TV and Hispan TV.

Posted: 28 Dec 2012   Print   Send a link
AFP, 24 Dec 2012: "Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has dropped broadcasts by two of Iranian state broadcaster IRIB’s channels because of EU sanctions against its chief, the Mehr news agency reported on Saturday. The English- and Spanish-language channels Press TV and Hispan TV were no longer available via Hispasat from Friday because of the sanctions against IRIB head Ezzatollah Zarghami, Mehr said. No immediate comment was available from Hispasat. ... Press TV and Hispan TV issued a joint news release denouncing what they called a 'flagrant violation of freedom of speech' and 'attempt to silence the truth-telling media.' ... They said it was worth recalling that 'Hispasat is partly owned by Paris-based Eutelsat SA satellite provider that removed Iranian channels off the air in October.'"

Press TV, 25 Dec 2012: "Bijan Nobaveh-Vatan, deputy head of Iran Majlis Cultural Committee said on Tuesday that the move by the Spanish satellite provider, Hispasat, is completely at odds with the Western countries' claim to advocating freedom of speech."

Fars News Agency, 26 Dec 2012: "'The ban on the Spanish-language Iranian channels that were covering South America, was an illegal act by Spain, and their real problem is the Islamic Republic of Iran's political influence in that region, not the sanctions against Iran,' Deputy Head of the Iranian Parliament's Cultural Commission Bijan Nobaveh Vatan said on Tuesday."

American Jewish Committee press release, 20 Dec 2012: "AJC applauded Hispasat, the Spanish communication satellites group, for deciding to terminate the broadcasting of two Iranian television channels, Hispan TV and Press TV. Transmission of the Iranian channels is expected to end on December 21. 'This is an important development in the worldwide effort to contain the defiant regime in Tehran, one we have been watching carefully for months and discussing with our friends in Spain,' said AJC Executive Director David Harris. ... 'No satellite company in the Western world should enable the dissemination of propaganda from an Iranian government that denies human rights, supports terror organizations and is determined to achieve nuclear weapons capability. That Hispasat’s action triggered such an angry response in Tehran tells us all we need to know about its significance.'"

United Against Nuclear Iran press release, 24 Dec 2012: "United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) applauded Spain’s Hispasat for ending its broadcasting of Iranian regime programming. Specifically, Hispasat has ordered the removal of Iranian channels Press TV and Hispan TV. ... Hispasat’s decision follows UANI’s November 20 public call for Hispasat and its CEO, Carlos Espinós Gómez, to stop making 'unreasonable justifications for its business in Iran and immediately stop broadcasting Iranian regime programming.'"

IRNA, 26 Dec 2012: "Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, on Wednesday sought satellite services from Turkey for Iranian TV broadcasts. He criticized the western satellite service providers for refusing service for Iranian TV broadcasts. He said that the move is a clear violation of freedom of expression, and that the Turkish satellite service providers are expected to help Iranian TV broadcasts with satellite services."