Broadcasting Board of Governors launches review of US international broadcasting in Russia, and moves towards CEO.

Posted: 21 Dec 2012   Print   Send a link
Broadcasting Board of Governors press release, 14 Dec 2012: "During its final meeting of 2012, the Broadcasting Board of Governors launched an extensive review of its efforts in Russia, recognized BBG journalists and senior managers for extraordinary service and adopted new travel guidelines. After a day-long meeting of its Strategy & Budget Committee that examined agency strategy in Russia and Iran and included the views of outside experts on human rights, the Board discussed next steps. It commissioned a six-month review of the situation in Russia to be led by IBB Deputy Director Jeffrey Trimble. Board members also made plans to travel to Russia in early 2013 to meet with officials and civil society and to explore distribution options for programming by Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. ... The Board also honored two departing senior managers, Chief Financial Officer Maryjean Buhler, who had moved to another federal government position, and John Lennon, Associate Director of Strategy and Planning at Voice of America, who is retiring after 44 years with the agency. The Board also ... [r]eaffirmed its commitment to a plan to create the position of a Chief Executive Officer under existing legislation." See also Radio World, 10 Dec 2012, about VOA manager John Lennon.