Content from the VOA newsroom is blocked in China, but Chinese can watch the US TV series "The Newsroom."

Posted: 20 Dec 2012   Print   Send a link
Xinhua, 19 Dec 2012: "As American TV drama Gossip Girl saw a happy ending on Tuesday night, young Chinese are reluctant to part from it. Meanwhile, they are ready to embrace more foreign TV series. 'I joined my friends to see every episode of Gossip Girl since I was in university, for the gorgeous clothes and nicely pronounced English,' says 25-year-old Qin Jie, a member of staff at a Beijing law firm. 'I was moved to see its ending but feel a little lost without updates on the drama any more,' says Qin. 'It's lucky that I still follow other American dramas, such as The Newsroom.'... With the development of the Internet, more Chinese people have easier access to episodes, not only for language learning but for their own general interest. ... Li Shengli, a professor with the Communication University of China, says that foreign TV series have attracted young Chinese audiences for a long time, and are now putting great challenges toward domestically made ones, as the foreign competition is more delicately produced and maintains good interaction with the audience. American series are broadcasted as each episode is made week by week, Li explains, while China's TV dramas are filmed in blocks for examination by state organs and then shown on TV, with two or more episodes appearing each day."