FOIA release of VOA emails in ongoing UN Correspondents Association dispute (updated).

Posted: 18 Jan 2013   Print   Send a link
Inner City Press, 6 Dec 2012, Matthew Russell Lee: "For four months, Inner City Press has not published one additional word about the United Nations Correspondents Association, even after the organization's treasurer Margaret Besheer had US government Voice of America on behalf of her and so-far unnamed others meet with and ask the UN to 'review' Inner City Press' accreditation to enter and cover the UN. Documents obtained this week under a Freedom of Information Act appeal prove that Besheer wrote that her Reuters and Agence France Presse colleagues, Lou Charbonneau and Tim Witcher, supported ousting Inner City Press from the UN. Only this week did the overseer of Voice of America, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, finally rule on Inner City Press' FOIA appeal, and release additional documents."

Update: Inner City Press, 10 Jan 2013, Matthew Russell Lee: "BBG's lawyers argued that it was somehow a 'personnel matter,' although Inner City Press did not and would not work for VOA. [VOA director] David Ensor wrote to the Governors and then Congress (but never Inner City Press or the UN) admitting that the request to get the UN to dis-accredit Inner City Press 'was not appropriate.'"

AP, 7 Dec 2012: "New Yorkers do care: A fellow rider helped a man who wound up on the subway tracks. It occurred days after another man was pushed to his death in front of an oncoming train. No one seemingly came to his aid. Voice of America journalist Margaret Besheer says it happened Thursday night at Bowling Green station in Lower Manhattan. She saw a disoriented man sitting between the rails. People on the platform were screaming 'a train is coming!' Next, she saw another man on the tracks helping the victim to his feet."