Former RFE/RL Russian journalists launch Radio Liberty in Exile website.

Posted: 29 Nov 2012   Print   Send a link
Voice of Russia, 19 Nov 2012, citing Interfax: "Journalists, fired from the Moscow office of Radio Svoboda, have launched their own news site 'Radio Svoboda in Exile'. ... In the news section of the site, journalists place both exclusive materials, and news articles reprinted from other mass media. There are also such sections as 'Video', 'Blogs' and 'Opinions', where journalists and public figures express their attitude to the changes at Radio Svoboda. September 20-21, 34 employees were fired from Radio Svoboda, and another eight employees resigned their jobs as a sign of protest. They were journalists, editors, video engineers, videotape operators and representatives of other professions. The new management of the Moscow office of Radio Svoboda has announced that there would be a change of the concept and format of broadcasting." The URL is

BBG Watch, 19 Nov 2012, "BBG Watcher": " ... is now blocked on computers at RFE/RL news offices, making it inaccessible at work for the station’s journalists unless they request permission by sending an email to the management."

BBG Watch, 28 Nov 2012, "BBG Watcher": "Sources told BBG Watch that in an unprecedented move, the Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) Board of Directors plans to ask representatives of the fired Radio Liberty journalists to raise their concerns directly with board members in a teleconference scheduled for next month between Washington and Moscow. According to sources, the invitation for the fired Radio Liberty journalists, which can only be viewed as a sign of major doubts about RFE/RL President and CEO Steven Korn’s leadership, was agreed to by key board members."

Broadcasting Board of Governors Budget and Strategy Committee meeting, 15 Nov 2012, BBG member Victor Ashe: "And then the very callous manner in which [RFE/RL president Steven] Korn has dealt with the 41 people who were terminated, and the audio of his comments back in Prague, where really no compassion was shown, no sympathy, it's my way of the highway, that's not the way of a good manager."

New Liberty Russia, 24 Nov 2012, "Supporter": "Ludmila Telen, an award-winning Russian journalist who was fired in September from Radio Liberty, said in an interview for that Radio Liberty’s daily Russian website audience has declined from 100,000 to 40,000 and continues to fall."