Cuban diplomat says "we do not censor" the (heavily jammed) TV and Radio Martí.

Posted: 27 Nov 2012   Print   Send a link, 18 Nov 2012, Cuban ambassador to India Abelardo Rafael Cueto Sosa as interviewed by Siddharthya Swapan Roy: "There is a 24×7 TV channel and a radio station run by the US government. As an insult to our nationhood they’ve named it after our national hero and call it TV Martí and Radio Martí. It has a declared purpose of inciting the people against Fidel Castro and his government. Declared mind you not implied. We do not censor it. Any young Cuban is free to listen or watch to what is said on the anti-Cuban broadcasts. Despite being a democratically elected government and despite our right to sovereignty, we allow the insidious channels to run freely. Why? Because we believe in the power of truth and the weakness of lies. Because we believe in the Revolution and what it has and can do for the people." -- Both TV and Radio Martí are vigorously jammed by Cuba. The jamming of Radio Martí's shortwave signals can be heard throughout the world.

Radio & Television Business Report, 15 Nov 2012, Carl Marcucci: "Noticias MundoFox, the national network news program for U.S. Hispanic audiences, announced the opening of its NYC-based news bureau to serve the East Coast. Leading the bureau is Peggy Carranza, who will serve as a Spanish-language contributor to MundoFox’s national news division, providing daily news segments from the East Coast geared toward viewers nationally. ... Carranza is a nationally-recognized journalist and correspondent with a long career in Hispanic broadcast TV. Prior to joining MundoFox, she was a correspondent for TV Martí and Univision in New York."