From our (now rather thin) file on new shortwave stations: Somaliland's Radio Hargeisa.

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Somaliland Sun, 31 Aug 2012, Yusuf M Hasan: "The installation of the new Radio Hargeisa transmitter is a success. This was revealed by Mr. Don Jensen who added that Listeners in Japan, India and Europe are beginning To hear Radio Hargeisa on a frequency of 7,120 kHz, with generally good signals For tests noted at various times between 1500 UTC (universal time) and 1900 UTC hours (6 to 10 pm Somaliland time). ... The transmissions are possible by a recently installed 100Kw Radio Transmitter, which is currently on test, and accessible at the 7,120 kHz frequency, said Don, 'Through this frequency the signal is fairly strong in Japan and the Netherlands.' The American ham radio operator further informed that there is also a considerable interference from ham transmissions since the 7,120 kHz frequency used by Radio Hargeisa is in the middle of the amateur radio (ham radio) band." -- See also the comments. Radio Hargeisa really should not be using 7120 kHz, as 7000-7200 kHz is now reserved worldwide for amateur radio. The 41 meter shortwave broadcast band is presently 7200 to 7450 kHz (overlapping with Western Hemisphere radio amateurs, who are allowed to use 7200-7300 kHz).

Somaliland Sun, 25 Aug 2012: "According to the [Somaliland Information] Ministry's Technical Director Mr. Ahmed Suleiman, the much-anticipated nationwide radio transmission will be on service as soon as ongoing tests and linkage with studios is completed. The technical director further informed that all ongoing works are under local engineers following the departure of the 14 Chinese experts whose mission pertained to installation of the Transmitter and erection of antennae's. Somalilanders are anxiously awaiting the full commissioning of the 100Kw Radio Transmitter that will avail nationwide transmissions of Radio Hargeisa broadcasts since the current Radio Hargeisa transmitter has a capacity to cover only a distance of 40sq Km radius thus only Hargeisa residents and those in its peri-urban areas receive programs from the national radio station."

See also RadioActivity, 31 Aug 2012, Alokesh Gupta, with several links. Image from.

Somaliland Sun, 22 Sept 2012, Yusuf Mohamed Hasan: "Radio Hargeisa continues to be heard in the USA, Europe and Far East. According to Don Jensen of Kenosha (Wisconsin) USA which is 100 km north of Chicago RH broadcast are continuously audible on shortwave frequency 7120 KHz again in the United States as noted here in the north central part of America."

Somaliland Sun, 22 Sept 2012, Yusuf M Hasan: "A British engineer from a London firm called Transmitters 'R' us, has been hired to go to Hargeisa soon, to repair the old 25 kilowatt shortwave transmitter (Brand name: ELCOR) which was installed at Radio Hargeisa about 5 years ago. The transmitter, which never worked well because of a mismatching of transmitter to antenna, and has been off the air mostly, not working, for most of that period, is a lower powered transmitter, only one-fourth of the power of the new 100-kilowatt Chinese shortwave transmitter. The old ELCOR transmitter, if working, should also cover all of East Africa nicely, and perhaps Europe and India, and possibly, though not too well, the US. Information is yet to be availed on whether Radio Hargeisa engineers are considering using it as a 'back up' in case of future temporary problems with the new Chinese transmitter, or if the intent is to broadcast simultaneously with two SW transmitters on difference frequency bands."