Archives of Switzerland's Short Wave Service, 1939-1945, now available online.

Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 20 Aug 2012, Olivier Pauchard: "During the Second World War, Switzerland’s fledgling short wave radio service was essential to its attempts to communicate its policies and actions to an external audience made up of both foreign governments and the Swiss abroad. The archives of the Short Wave Service (SWS), founded in 1935, have been digitalised and are now available online. SWS was the forerunner to Swiss Radio International (SRI) which later became The manuscripts of news bulletins from this dark time in Europe reveal Swiss thinking on events both out of its control and right on its doorstep as the country desperately held on to its beloved neutrality. In Switzerland’s national languages (German, French, Italian) as well as English, Spanish and Portuguese, SWS broadcast news and analysis of military events on both sides. ... Broadcasts by SWS at that time were also notable for the fact that they were the first news bulletins produced by a dedicated radio editorial team; previously news bulletins had been written and read by journalists from the Swiss News Agency, a press organisation." With audio report. See also the Archives web page.

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