HCJB Australian shortwave site, moved two miles west, will have greater capacity and DRM capability.

Posted: 14 Aug 2012

HCJB Global, 10 Aug 2012, Harold Goerzen: "Countless thousands of potential radio listeners in HCJB Global’s Asia Pacific Region have access to a clearer, more powerful signal as a result of a seven-year project to move the transmissions to a new shortwave facility in Australia late last month. ... While broadcasts from the international broadcasting facility in Kununurra, a town of 7,000 on the northern edge of Western Australia, began in 2003, the original site was fraught with restrictions, limiting the broadcasts. Antenna height, for example, was limited to 40 meters (131 feet) because of the facility’s proximity to the local airport. A parabolic curtain antenna, formerly used by Radio Station HCJB in Pifo, Ecuador, is being installed with modifications at the new site with towers as high as 420 feet—four times the height of the tallest antenna at the original site. The new site ... 'lies approximately two miles west of the existing site and, crucially, outside of the airport restrictions,' explained Site Manager Peter Michalke. ... [Dale Stagg, CEO of HCJB Global-Australia said a 100-kilowatt shortwave transmitter] 'is being refurbished at the HCJB Global Technology Centre in Elkhart, Ind. When complete, it will be both analog and digital (DRM) capable.' DRM will be invaluable for broadcasting to places such as India, a country of 1.2 billion people, where the digital technology has been adopted as the nation’s main communication network to the rural masses." -- Airports have posed difficulties for HCJB shortwave sites. It was required to close (and decided not to move) its facility at Pifo, Ecuador, because of airport construction near there.

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