Radio Canada International leaves shortwave, rather inelegantly, in the middle of an Arabic sentence.

Posted: 24 Jun 2012   Print   Send a link
RCI Spanish had the the unhappy task of closing Radio Canada International's shortwave service. The last RCI transmission was at 2300-2330 UTC. The Spanish staff was unbeat during the program. Near the end of the broadcast were announcements in French and English. Listen to the English here. The entire broadcast ended with "Ciao," and applause.

After the broadcast were announcements in, strangely enough, Arabic, promoting the website that replaces RCI broadcasts on shortwave. Radio Canada International signed off shortwave midsentence during the Arabic announcement.

@RCI_Action, 24 June 2012: "It appears last week's Maple Leaf Mailbag was aired this weekend rather than this week's final edition #RCI"

@RCI_Action, 24 June 2012: "A unique institution, only broadcaster in the world to explain Canada to the world, is gasping its last breaths right now." See more tweets at

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