"Taking Canada's voice off the world stage."

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Ottawa Citizen, 15 June 2012, Chris Cobb: "In apparent collaboration with the Conservative government, CBC is slashing 80 per cent of Radio Canada’s budget and busting the venerable Voice of Canada international shortwave service down to an Internet radio station. The $10 million cut — from $12.3 million to $2.3 million — will shut out access to Radio Canada broadcasts for swaths of the world’s population — including China, where RCI’s Internet site is blocked, and to millions of people in India and South America — all major Canadian trading partners. ... NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar accused the CBC and the Conservative government of 'taking Canada’s voice off the world stage.' 'It is sneaky,' he said in an interview with the Citizen. 'They are pretending they aren’t killing it, but they are.'" -- "Voice of Canada" is not typically used to ID RCI.

Ottawa Citizen, 16 June 2012, Chris Cobb: "If CBC carries through with its plan to reduce Radio Canada International from a shortwave radio service to an internet radio station, it will effectively be taking Canada out of international broadcasting, a U.S. broadcast specialist said Saturday. 'Just having a web page or internet presence isn’t enough,' Kim Andrew Elliott told the Citizen. 'You can build a website but they will not necessarily come. It’s easy to get lost among the thousands of other internet sites.'"

RCI Action Committee, 15 June 2012, e-mail Canada's Heritage Minister James Morre: "A little more than 24 hours ago we at the RCI Action Committee found out that on June 7, 2012, you changed the Order in Council that directs CBC/Radio-Canada in its obligations under the Broadcasting Act in dealing with Radio Canada International. You have eliminated CBC’s obligation to provide programming on shortwave, depriving almost all Chinese listeners of uncensored news from Canada, since the website of RCI is blocked by the Chinese authorities. And you have made it impossible for most listeners in the world to stay abreast of what’s going on in Canada via radio, because most people do not have easy access to the Internet."

The Canadian Press, 15 June 2012, Mike Blanchfield: “'These changes are the result of proposals the CBC submitted to us, and we accepted. The CBC has the money necessary to fulfil its mandate and we appreciate the CBC doing its part to contribute to balancing the budget,' [Canadian Heritage] spokesman James Maunder said in an emailed response to questions."

@BoatinginCanada, 16 June 2012: "Radio Canada International was our only connection to Canada/World when were cruised offshore - but Canada's government has canceled #RCI"

@RCI_Action, 16 June 2012: "Ironic: Today, a week before Radio Canada International is Internet only, the audio is not working on our website."

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