In a contrarian move, HCJB is transmitting via shortwave from Germany to Europe.

Posted: 13 Jun 2012

@hcjbgermany, 8 June 2012: "In this very moment, the first transmission of our German transmitter in WNM, Ostfriesland, Germany is on air at 3995kHz on 1KW! RR are welcome!" -- "RR" are reception reports. HCJB has been testing from this site since August 2011. See discussion in DX Listening Digest, 24 Aug 2011.

@hcjbgermany, 11 Oct 2011: "This historical transmitter from 1973,built in GDR, will be the first transmitter for the site in Weenermoor, Germany." With photo.

@hcjbgermany, 11 Oct 2011: "It will replace the damaged one until the Collins 3 KW-transmitter is repaired."

Transmission schedule is here (pdf). -- Establishing a shortwave transmitter in Europe would seem a contrarian move, and could be contrasted with Vatican Radio's decision to stop shortwave and medium wave broadcasts to the Americas and Europe on 1 July. On the other hand, this frequency should, in theory, provide a useable intra-European signal. It might be more convenient, and it would use less bandwidth, for HCJB listeners to tune via shortwave than via the (also available from HCJB) internet. I wonder if the site will be used for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) shortwave, as HCJB has been an active DRM experimenter.

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