BBC Burmese and BBC Media Action launch 15 minutes a week for Burmese youth.

Posted: 01 May 2012   Print   Send a link
BBC Media Action, 27 Apr 2012, Thang Kim: "My name is Thang Kim and I present Lin Lat Kyair Sin ('Young Stars With Shining Futures'), a new 15-minute weekly radio programme for young people on the BBC's Burmese Service. There are so many important subjects that Burmese people can now begin to explore and express for themselves. With this programme, we're giving young people the opportunity to discuss and debate the issues that concern their future. ... All of the radio content is underpinned by reseach and it's research that has been delivered by some amazing trainees that have been working with BBC Media Action to enhance their media skills. As well as producing the radio show, we are also training young journalists on the ground. They contribute to the programme by recording stories from the 'stars' in their communities. ... If people want a voice in running a democracy we need to make those voices heard. Join our conversation on BBC Burmese for every Saturday evening broadcast, or contact us at on Facebook." -- "Youth program," usually weekly, is a decades-old staple of international radio. These days it may take a 24/7 youth format, along the lines of Radio Sawa, to attract a young audience in Burma or elsewhere.

Mid-Missouri Public Radio, 26 Apr 2012, "Global Journalist" interviews Lwin Than, Chief of the Burmese Service for Voice of America; and David Stout, an editor with the Democratic Voice of Burma.