Russia will drop DRM digital radio.

Posted: 22 Apr 2012   Print   Send a link
Izvestia, 17 Apr 2012, as Google-translated from Russian: "Ministry of Communications has prepared a new amendment to the Federal Program 'Development of Broadcasting in the Russian Federation in 2009-2015'. All advertised events this year to implement broadcasting in DRM standard will soon be lifted. As explained in the department, a program developed in 2008, did not fully take into account the latest technological advances. Over the past few years, the use of DRM in the world has significantly decreased, while broadcasters are still satisfied with the work in the VHF range and wait for the emergence of new hybrid technologies. At the event 'radio broadcast of the program' in the budget was included 3.9 billion rubles, which was planned to learn in four years. Now all the money will be spent on the development of television." -- The reader comments are also interesting and worth Google-translating. This appears to pertain to domestic medium wave in Russia. Does it also mean that Voice of Russia will discontinue its DRM shortwave transmissions for international audiences? In any case, the DRM consortium appears to have lost an important member.

RadioActivity, 21 Apr 2012, Alokesh Gupta: "New DRM receiver from CDNSE, Newstar DR111 was tested in Delhi, here's a video: (Thanks to Shakti Verma for sharing the video)."

DRM Consortium press release, 19 Apr 2012: "The DRM Consortium used its stronger than ever presence at NAB 2012 to showcase a new DRM receiver and to update participants on the developments and potential of the DRM standard, now fully recommended by ITU for both AM (DRM30) and VHF (DRM+). ... At the Continental-Transradio event on April 16th participants saw and tested the new DR111 receiver. They also learned more about DRM30 and how highly efficient and economical it is as it can deliver up to 80% energy savings."