Al Jazeera using new media to "bypass" US cable, with the goal "to be the largest media organisation in the world."

Posted: 20 Apr 2012   Print   Send a link
7DAYS (Dubai), 17 Apr 2012: "Al Jazeera’s main mobile man Derrick Fountain - himself an American - said the days of Arab coverage being heavily restricted or even having the plug pulled in the US were fast becoming a thing of the past. 'In the US we have to go through cable networks,' said Fountain. ... [W]e have to go through all these hurdles to get on television screens - but with new media we can bypass that and go direct to the consumers. We can go direct to their handsets, direct to the internet.' Fountain says Al Jazeera has created two iPhone apps - one for the broadcaster’s Arabic language channel and one for its English programmes. 'It’s a very important distribution channel for us and we’ve been pretty successful in getting downloads from the US,' he said. ... 'The goal is to be the largest media organisation in the world,' he said."

New York Times, 18 Apr 2012, Alex Hawgood: New York City DJ Jazmin Venus Soto "frequently peppers sound clips from the Al Jazeera news network, audio from the riots in Egypt and sound pings from submarines into her sets. 'I’m going to play Al Jazeera in the club, and you’re going to like it,' she said."