TV5Monde c'est ne pas "rubbish."

Posted: 19 Apr 2012   Print   Send a link
Irish Independent, 15 Apr 2012, letter from Noel Canty, TV5Monde representative in Ireland: "I have to object to the pejorative reference to TV5MONDE, the second most available public service broadcaster in the world after MTV and ahead of CNN, as a 'scraping from the bottom of the barrel' (Sunday Independent, Business, April 1, 2012). TV5MONDE is a generalist channel, akin to RTE and the BBC, if one were to leave out its US/Aus/UK bought-in offerings, that relays the best of productions from 10 Francophone partner terrestrial channels as well as our own in-house productions. Cinema offerings form a sizeable, very popular proportion of our 24/24 schedule. Next month we broadcast a number of Cannes award-winning cinema offerings -- most of them subtitled in French and in English and 10 other languages. Not a 'rubbish station' by anyone's standard." -- I would like to see the article it refers to, but searches have been unsuccessful. See previous post about same TV5Monde.