"Call to Action on Public Diplomacy" includes call to action on US international broadcasting.

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American Diplomacy, March 2012, Spring Morris E. Jacobs, preident, Public Diplomacy Council: "Over at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, Chairman Walter Isaacson – author of the critically acclaimed biography of Steve Jobs – has resigned, leaving another important leadership position vacant. What this may mean for implementation of the Board’s proposed reorganization of international broadcasting is not clear. The good news is that the White House is looking for a candidate to replace Isaacson. One hopes that the Administration is also seeking qualified candidates to fill the positions of the other BBG governors, most of whose terms of office have ended. Of course, whether any nominations will be acted upon in the current toxic political atmosphere is uncertain. ... [T]he Senate could follow the spirit of the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011, which it passed with a large majority in June 2011, and act upon these nominations without hearings. This bill, which is awaiting action in the House of Representatives, reduces the number of including officials below the assistant secretary level and members of boards, commissions and other advisory bodies."

Newsmax, 25 Mar 2012, Andra Varin and Kathleen Walter: "As a former top exec at advertising giant Leo Burnett, [Ted] Bell said he thinks the United States is losing an international PR war. He cites incidents in Afghanistan such as U.S. troops’ recent inadvertent burning of Qurans and the alleged massacre of 16 civilians at the hands of an American soldier. 'I would say that we’re not actually winning the war of words. We’re sort of slipping behind,' he said. He believes America should do more with networks such as Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 'We’re falling behind. We should reinvest in telling our side.'" -- The US could "reinvest" up to stratospheric sums, but if "telling our side" is the only output, there will be even more "slipping behind."