If P. Diddy and Ryan Seacrest have channels on US cable TV, he writes, why not Al Jazeera English?

Posted: 06 Feb 2012

Forbes, 3 Feb 2012, Julia Bricklin: "Yesterday, I’d had enough of Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, and the talking heads surrounding that endorsement, so I checked in with AJE, which also airs a few hours a day on my local PBS station. I was completely sucked in. Talk about drama. German chancellor Angela Merkel chastising her fellow EU countries during her trip to China. Footage of Polish and Ukranian winters more severe than any in recorded history. British foreign minister William Hague, the first one to visit Somalia in more than twenty years, staring at the anarchic carnage in disbelief. Talk about exciting content. Al Jazeera English retains more than 1,000 journalists from 50 different nationalities. It has more than 70 bureaus across the globe, and broadcasts in more than 120 countries. P. Diddy and Ryan Seacrest are launching new cable channels soon. It’s hard to imagine we don’t have room for one more. If the U. S. can’t be open to channels that show other perspectives of the world, what does that say about us?"

Capital, 24 Jan 2012, Dan Rosenblum: "In the basement of Santos Party House—better known for its Andrew WK-hosted raves—a hundred or so people sat under deep red lights and a heart-shaped disco ball. They were there to see heart-wrenching scenes of the ongoing famine in Somalia. ... The screening of an episode of 'Fault Lines,' an Al Jazeera English show about the global impact of U.S. foreign policy, was part of an attempt to spread the word about the network’s English-language shows. It was also to galvanize New Yorkers to pressure cable providers to add Al Jazeera English to their portfolios." 26 Jan 2012, Kevin Ellis: "On Wednesday, January 25, WGDR/WGDH Goddard College [Plainfield, Vermont] Community Radio (WGDR/H) went live with al-Jazeera English World News (AJE) in place of the ubiquitous BBC. The 30-minute program will air on weekdays 8:00 – 8:30am. WGDR/H joins the short list of 33 public radio stations that currently air AJE in the U.S., and the even shorter list of six college radio stations that do so. ... This bold programming decision is in line with the new direction of Goddard College led by President Barbara Vacarr. The college seeks to diversify the educational experiences of Goddard students and build upon the college’s legacy as an innovative leader in higher education. In the 1980’s, WGDR/H was one of the first non-commercial Vermont radio stations to broadcast the BBC. Today, the station sees AJE as the new cutting edge alternative for independent world news."

Best Media Info, 1 Feb 2012: "After a year of its launch in India, Al Jazeera English is all set to unveil its first campaign. The Qatar-based global news broadcaster has appointed Ogilvy & Mather Delhi as its creative agency while GroupM’s Motivator has bagged the media duties. Al Jazeera has also appointed a global market research firm TNS to monitor the effectiveness of its brand campaign.", 27 Jan 2012: "The English version of the Al Jazeera television channel will be broadcast in Romania, and will be available for the IPTV subscribers of Ines Group, according to a notification sent to the National Audio-visual Council."

Rapid TV News, 1 Feb 2012, Rebecca Hawkes: "The Arabic and English language news channels from Qatar-based satellite broadcaster Al Jazeera are now available across every major pay-TV platform in France, following a new distribution deal with Orange TV. The agreement, which covers distribution by Orange across its television, computer, mobile and tablet platforms, will increase Al Jazeera's availability to 18 million French households."

AP, 26 Jan 2012: "Qatar-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera has bought more television rights to screen French league matches over the next four season seasons."

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