Now available: historical audio from Radio Moscow and Radio Canada International.

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Southgate Amateur Radio Club, 5 Jan 2012, citing Mike Barraclough tip: "A 50 year old LP of Cold War shortwave radio broadcasts from the former Soviet Union is now available on the web. The YouTube description reads: 'Radio Moscow and the Western Hemisphere,' 1961 Cook Labs. This LP compiles several different shortwave radio broadcasts from the former Soviet Union during the Cold War. Seems silly now, but in 1961 this was serious business." With links to videos of audio.

Radio Netherlands Media Network, 31 Dec 2011, Andy Sennitt: "Ian McFarland, formerly of Radio Canada International, writes: 'I just wanted to let you know that ... [w]e’re now working on producing MP3 files for the SW antenna course that was featured on the [Radio Canada International] RCSWC and SWL Digest programmes many years ago [This is now available online]. Eventually, we’ll be creating MP3 files of a number of other much-loved features from the McFarland radio archives and these will also be downloadable. As with the CD series, the beneficiary will be my local food bank. The CD sales have generated around $2050 for the food bank and soup kitchen in Duncan, British Columbia. All the details on this are on the website ... '" -- Ian was the very popular host of SWL Digest on Radio Canada International.