In OPM job satisfaction survey, response rate from BBG is up, but satisfaction ratings are still near bottom.

Posted: 02 Oct 2011   Print   Send a link
Washington Post, 24 Sept 2011, Joe Davidson: Want to know how federal departments and large agencies fared in a broad survey of federal employees? Check out this table from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey [especially pp. 41 and 45]. The Office of Personnel Management conducts an annual survey of the workforce to learn how federal employees feel about their workplaces. ... OPM also was one of two agencies that improved in three of the four areas. The Broadcasting Board of Governors was the other. Its improvement needs to be encouraged because it continues to perform below the government-wide average." See also BBG Watch, 23 Sept 2011.

Evidence that the BBG might remain at the bottom of the job satisfaction ratings is that the BBG is advertising a job vacancy for digital research analyst, responsible for digital media and web metrics. It's a GS-14. The BBG is also advertising for a research analyst, responsible for direct radio, radio placement, satellite television, television placement, and digital media, as well as sample design, fieldwork, survey questionnaires, and web metrics. It's a notch lower at GS-13. The supposedly platform-agnostic BBG is placing digital media higher in a new audience research pecking order. Perhaps this is because digital media audience, which accounts for only a very small fraction of the total BBG audience, is more difficult to find through research.

Washington Post, 29 Sept 2011, Al Kamen: "Seems it was only yesterday — actually it was a few months ago — that we wrote that longtime State Department employee Diane Zeleny was going to get a new job as director of communications and external relations at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees all government broadcast operations for Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio and TV Marti. 'I just got here, that’s true,' she said in an e-mail this week announcing her departure Oct. 7 to be vice president for strategy and communications for the Legatum Institute, a London-based free-market-oriented think tank." -- The previous president of RFE/RL, Jeffrey Gedmin, was named the chief executive officer of the Legatum Institute. For some reason the institute's leadership page does not mention Gedmin.