Some recordings of Kim's "Communications World" program on VOA, 15 September 2001.

Posted: 10 Sep 2011

America Under Attack - Live web page, maintained in Hungary: This website in Hungary has the only known surviving recording of my VOA "Communications World" program just after the 9/11 attacks. My Washington FM Band/Bandscan, from the night of 11 Sept, might especially be of interest.

Just after the attacks occurred, VOA News Now, a global English-language news service, was keen to share any information it could obtain. I was called into the studio to talk about the New York City television stations that were suddenly off the air, at this critical time, because their transmitters were atop the World Trade Center buildings. My friend Ralph Brandi in New Jersey recorded some content from WCBS and WINS, the all-news stations in New York, ans sent it to me as audio files. That was also shared with the VOA News Now audience.

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