New documentary film includes scene from shortwave listeners convention (updated).

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Movie Reviews by Dusty, 20 Aug 2011: "Resurrect Dead is not a flesh-eating zombie flick. It’s more of a film-noir documentary that follows a team of average citizens using their noodles to solve a mystery. The Toynbee Tiles started appearing in the early 80's. Most people ignored and walked over them without a thought. They appeared most densely in the Philadelphia area, but they have been spotted all over the East coast. If that's not enough to pique your interest, there are also Tiles in South America. ... The mystery leads our fearless sleuths to places where skepticism is a must. They find themselves at a short wave radio convention where they are following a lead. There is a scene here that is completely unrelated to the Tiles. A presenter at the convention gives a speech and demonstration of thought transference via short wave radio. ... The apparatus was a foil pie plate that he wore like a hat, with an antennae on top, or bottom depending on how you wish to view the pie plate." -- The shortwave radio convention was the 2006 Winter SWL Fest, near Philadelphia. The thought transfer session was tongue-in-cheek. I was at the event, but in another room at the time, trying to coax reception out of receivers at the Digital Radio Mondiale exhibit. See also

Update: A.V. Club, 8 Sept 2011, Elliott Sharp interviewing director Jon Foy and producer Colin Smith: "AVC: What was one of the biggest leads you had in the investigation? JF: The biggest breakthrough was making a connection to shortwave radio—but to go further down that road will lead to pure spoiler territory. AVC: How did shortwave radio get introduced as a clue? JF: There was a newspaper article, an interview with a guy named Bill O’Neil who ran a website about the tiles up until the early 2000s. He received an email by someone who claimed to have come across the tiler on a Greyhound bus handing out handbills. When we tracked him down, it turns out this person didn’t see the tiler on the Greyhound bus, but he did come across a series of wheatpastes related to the Toynbee tiler that referenced shortwave radio transmissions. This clue became a major breakthrough that opened up a whole new avenue to pursue, and it was ultimately the right one."