Parazit: the VOA program with a "US fan base."

Posted: 29 May 2011   Print   Send a link, 27 May 2011, Ari Siletz: "I’m guessing VOA’s new Perisan news network director, Ramin Asgard, was among the crowd at Kambiz Hosseini’s Berkeley talk for the same reason I was: to see what [the VOA satirical program] Parazit’s US fan base looked like. For one thing the crowd looked really big. The Iranian-American themed Berkeley Lecture Series usually doesn’t fill a 500-seat theater, and normally you don’t see teenagers sitting on the aisle steps playing Pokemon. ... Kambiz, Saman, and Ramin Asgard have a difficult task beaming a clear message into Iran as long as the US waffles on a well-defined Iran policy. 'Free speech is good,' is not a message Iranians haven’t already figured out for themselves. Creative ideas with vectored messages are needed to justify the costs to the American taxpayer." -- "Vectored messages" may form an angle away from credibility, which is the primary attractant for audiences in international broadcasting, and thus the main source of value to the U.S. taxpayers.