VOA should make better use of internet, says observer. Eliminate VOA, writes another.

Posted: 26 May 2011   Print   Send a link
National Journal, 25 May 2011, Sophie Quinton: At House Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing, Georgetown University professor Bruce "Hoffman called for 'an information campaign' that utilized social media to promote American ideals and discredit terrorist leaders, and suggested that government programs like the Voice of America should make better use of the internet."

Washington Examiner, 25 May 2011, Christopher Taylor: "So what can congress do to cut the debt and take real steps toward reform? They have to start smaller and slower and target other things. Don't go after the big popular programs the left will die to protect. ... Target programs which might have been useful or good at one point but are not any longer, such as Voice of America, the gratuity paid families of congressmen who die in office (and are typically millionaires to begin with), government subsidies for political conventions, and the federal government payments to the International Fund for Ireland."

Awareness Times (Freetown), 24 May 2011, Mohamed Kanu: "Over (36) thirty six amputees situated in Grafton and Jui [Sierra Leone], in the outskirt of the city have recently simultaneously received a wheelchair and other materials boost totally worth $14,400 from the Voice of America (VOA) and a Non Governmental Organization in America called Chariotts Hope East Harford Connecticut. The project dubbed as 'annual pilgrimage' is annually fast tracked through the effort of one Sulaiman M Tarawaley, a veteran Sierra Leonean working for the Voice of America to help the physically challenge[d] in the country."