Al Jazeera English is still "can't-see TV" in the United States.

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Chicago Tribune, Mar 25 2010, editorial: "Flip through the cable dial in Chicago and you'll find channels from Vietnam, Peru and Poland. ... What you won't find is the English-language version of arguably the world's most influential TV network: Al Jazeera. ... We agree that Al Jazeera has not always played its coverage down the middle. But the so-called 'Arab Spring' of democracy movements has Al Jazeera earning a second look. If you're an autocrat in the region, chances are the channel has you riveted. That is why pro-government thugs in Egypt ransacked the network's office and Yemen expelled two of its journalists."

The Daily Review (Towanda, PA), 26 Mar 2011: "The depth of Al Jazeera English's coverage in a part of the world that is crucial to American interests should gain it a place on the American cable dial. Its representatives have met recently with large cable operators, including Comcast. Those companies should give Americans the opportunity - characteristic of the Western democracies that we want the Middle East to emulate - to decide for themselves about news coverage."

Boston Globe, 26 Mar 2011, Joseph P. Kahn: "The controversy over Burlington Telecom’s initial decision to carry Al Jazeera intensified two years after its launch, in 2008, when its original contract with the news channel expired. New management at Burlington Telecom proposed dropping the channel. After hundreds of subscribers protested, public hearings were held and the proposal scrapped. Critics like Jeffrey Kaufman were not mollified, however. A retired physician who serves on Burlington Telecom’s advisory board, Kaufman has been calling for a public referendum on the issue, saying he will not subscribe to Burlington Telecom as a matter of principle until the city puts the matter to a vote. He is hopeful that then Al Jazeera would be canceled for good."

WBUR (Boston), 28 Mar 2011: "A community cable operator in Cambridge [Massachusetts] is joining a small but growing number of local television outlets across the country to begin broadcasting news by Al-Jazeera. Cambridge Community Television ... will start showing an hour-long newscast from Al-Jazeera English News beginning April 1 at 10 p.m."

The Smith College Sophian, 24 Mar 2011, Rachel Johnson: "While I love watching MSNBC's talking heads as much as the next bleeding heart liberal, I think [Secretary Hillary] Clinton has a point. Al Jazeera's 24-hour coverage of the conflicts in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other regions in the Middle East provides a stark contrast to U.S. media. ... Although it has talking heads too, the station has a much newsier and less U.S.-centric reporting style than mainstream American news outlets. Moreover, the channel's reporting extends far beyond the Middle East; Al Jazeera's international coverage includes a wide range of political issues and viewpoints from many regions of the world."

The Daily Caller, 26 Mar 2011, Pamela Geller: "Al Jazeera is the leading terrorist propaganda organization in the world. Jihad murder mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki has praised Al Jazeera, and several years ago one of its most prominent reporters was arrested on terror charges. Al Jazeera also has for years been the recipient of numerous Al Qaeda videos featuring bin Laden, Zawahiri, and American traitor Adam Gadahn. Yet they never seem to be able to trace where these videos are coming from. They have repeatedly been set up at the point of attack right before a bomb went off, so that they could take the picture of the slaughtered, dismembered bodies. How did they know? Who was their Roger Ailes? A Ouija board? They don’t report news. They spread poison. They are no different from Al Manar, the 'broadcast' station for Hezbollah."

Fresno Famous, 23 Mar 2011, Conrad Seitz: "I am adding Al-Jazeera English to my list of daily news sites that I consult, for several reasons, least of which is their complete coverage of current events in the Middle East. The most important reason is their opinion pieces, which provide points of view that we don't ordinarily get to see from our American media. Now if we could just get Al-Jazeera on TV like the rest of the world."

Link TV: "This year, when millions across North Africa and the Mid East cried for freedom, Link was the first national US channel to broadcast hours of Al Jazeera English coverage. ... But all of that would have not been impossible without your contributions. That’s because Link TV is viewer-supported."

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