BBC World Service ends its version of border radio. MW 648 kHz will sign off 27 March.

Posted: 13 Feb 2011   Print   Send a link
BBC World Service website, 11 Feb 2011: "The BBC is ceasing its 648 kHz transmissions of World Service English language radio on 27 March, 2011. We have had to make some difficult decisions about the distribution of BBC World Service radio around the world, as a result of the Spending Review settlement that BBC World Service received at the end of 2010. Closure of the 648 kHz service continues the process of withdrawing from direct broadcasts to Europe in response to a declining number of direct listeners. However BBC World Service continues to be available in Europe by satellite, cable and online. In the UK it is available on dedicated channels across the whole of the UK on DAB, online and on all digital TV platforms. This is in addition to overnight transmissions of BBC World Service on Radio 4 frequencies." -- Indeed the end of an era. It was mainly on medium wave that the BBC broadcast to Europe during World War II. Medium wave was also an important part of BBC broadcasts to Eastern Europe during the Cold War. (I still have and regularly use my BBC 648 coffee mug. BBC 648 began in 1987 as a trilingual English-French-German service. That ended a few years later, and BBCWS was English-only on 648 kHz (via Orfordness) during its final years.) See previous post about same subject.