VOA eliminates Indonesian and Vietnamese shortwave, reduces Mandarin and French.

Posted: 25 Jan 2011   Print   Send a link
On 15 January 2011, the Voice of America ended shortwave transmissions in Indonesian and Vietnamese, and reduced shortwave in Mandarin and French (to Africa).

Indonesian was at 0000-0030, 1130-1230, 1400-1500 and 2200-2400 UTC. VOA Indonesian has its largest audience by way of its television programs seen on Indonesian stations. These and VOA radio rebroadcasts in Indonesia continue.

Vietnamese was 1300-1330, 1500-1600 and 2230-2330 UTC. VOA Vietnamese has larger audiences via its medium wave frequencies, which were (and presumably still are) 1575 kHz via Thailand at 1300-1330 and 1170 kHz via the Philippines at 1500-1600. Audio via Asiasat and the internet also continues. -- But does the transmission at 2230-2330 UTC, now devoid of any terrestrial frequencies, continue?

Mandarin shortwave is eliminated at 0100-0300 (09.00-11.00 China time) and 0700-0900 (15.00-17.00 China time). These are not prime listening times in China, and most VOA Mandarin programming during these hours is repeats. Audio streams via internet and satellite continue during these hours. VOA Mandarin continues on shortwave eight hours per day.

For French-to-Africa, leased shortwave transmissions at 0530-0630 (Mon-Fri) and at 2030-2100 (Sat-Sun) UTC are eliminated.

Which frequencies continue for French and other VOA languages? No way to know (unless you are fluent in 44 languages), as VOA no longer has a schedule of transmissions in all languages available at voanews.com.