BBC World Service Ascension shortwave relay now using wind power in addition to diesel fuel.

Posted: 24 Nov 2010   Print   Send a link
Power-Gen Worldwide, 19 Nov 2010: "A key BBC World Service transmission site on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic has embraced on-site wind power with the assistance of sustainability consultancy AEA, which was commissioned to investigate renewable power options to replace ageing technology at the site. The new hybrid wind/diesel power station is expected to save approximately £500,000 (US$803,000) a year on the diesel fuel that previously had to be shipped to the island, and reduce the frequency of tanker-supplied diesel fuel deliveries to 18 monthly intervals. The location and nature of Ascension Island made the project particularly challenging – the island is volcanic and has no deepwater port. However, since the turbines have been in operation they have generated in the region of 205 MWh of electricity a month – offsetting approximately 58,000 litres of diesel." See also AEA press release, 19 Oct 2010 (pdf). ?id=9703