North Korea warns South Korea about leaflets and DVDs "showing the decadent bourgeois life."

Posted: 11 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"North Korea has harshly criticized what it calls Seoul's propaganda war against Pyongyang and threatened to prevent South Koreans from crossing its border. South Korean activists have floated anti-Pyongyang leaflets into the North by balloon over the past few years. The activists now say they have also started sending DVDs disclosing secrets about the private life of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. On Saturday, the North Korean military called the move a 'foolish act' and a 'wanton violation and blatant challenge' to a 2004 agreement to halt all propaganda activities signed by the two countries' armed forces." Kwang-Tae Kim, AP, 10 April 2010.
     "North Korea's military ... denounced the South for 'massively scattering leaflets defiling the DPRK's (North Korea's) ideology and system and videos of indecent property and even DVDs showing the decadent bourgeois life.'" AFP, 10 April 2010.