Opposition takes over Kyrgyztan state radio and TV; Russian and Kazakh websites blocked.

Posted: 07 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"'We can confirm that the national TV and radio broadcasting corporation was captured by the opposition,' told RT an eyewitness, Bektur Iskender, editor-in-chief of www.kloop.kg. 'Several people already told me that…some human rights organizations and opposition have already started broadcasting live talk-shows on this TV channel and also at the LTR, which is the public broadcasting channel. But all the other channels are reportedly not broadcasting.'" RT (Russia Today), 7 April 2010.
     "The situation in Kyrgyzstan has escalated as clashes between the opposition and the government have become fiercer. There are reports about injuries and arrests. ... Access to the Russian and Kazakh Internet sites has been blocked, and moreover, Moscow Echo radio and the Voice of Russia World Service radio have long been taken off the Kyrgyz air." Voice of Russia, 7 April 2010.
          RFE/RL journalist interviewed by Al Jazeera English about situation in Kyrgyzstan. RFE/RL In the News, RFE/RL, 7 April 2010. See previous post about same subject.