CNN (the US version) should be one part BBC World News America, he writes (updated).

Posted: 11 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"I believe I am qualified to offer some unsolicited advice to the cable news network that evidently has seen better days. I mean, if CNN is losing me (and it is), it’s time, you might say, for a change. I find myself turning from the network more and more, annoyed by its cheesy anchors, unsatisfied by its guests, frustrated by the lack of attention and detail paid to too many serious stories. ... Turn CNN into an intelligent new blend. One part CBS News’s brilliant Sunday Morning. One part Rome Hartman’s smart BBC World News America. And one part good old-fashioned Jim Lehrer." Andrew Cohen, Vanity Fair, 5 April 2010.
     Update: "CNN is so far gone, and already a pretty niche product, that it would seem to have nothing to lose by mimicking NPR and the BBC. Since CNN International is already pretty much that product, it should be CNN's flagship news outlet. For one thing, if 'everyone' (meaning the folks who watch and comment on teevee news so we don't have to) was watching CNN-I, a lot more interesting and important stories would find their way into the blogospheric conversation than we get by watching, critiquing and commenting on Chris Matthews' eruptions, Hannity's or Olbermann's idiocies, weenie-ass questions on the network Sunday news shows, etc." geoffcgraham comment to Ezra Klein, Washington Post, 9 April 2010.