ABC MD: Radio Australia, Australia Network won't be consolidated with new ABC news channel.

Posted: 13 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"ABC managing director Mark Scott has conceded that resources for the public broadcaster's upcoming 24-hour news channel will come at the expense of more money for existing flagship programs such as Four Corners and The 7.30 Report. ... 'Our Australia Network reflects more what modern Australia looks like than sometimes our traditional broadcasting programs,' he said. ... He confirmed the other ABC news platforms, such as News Radio, Radio Australia or the Australia Network, would not be consolidated with the new channel. ... He said there had been talk about incorporating Radio Australia within 'a more integrated Australian broadcasting brand internationally . . . there might be some benefits in that, but that's got nothing to do with the new news channel'." Michael Bodey, The Australian, 12 February 2010. Quoting from Mr. Scott's speech at the Melbourne Press Club, 11 February 2010, with video. Transcript: ABC, 11 February 2010. See previous post about same subject.
     "John Lewis, producer of The 10 Conditions of Love [see previous post] ... asks whether there is a tension between the ABC's core role in public broadcasting -- and, by extension, disinterested journalism -- and 'soft diplomacy'. Scott spoke at Sydney's Macquarie University in November on 'A global ABC: Soft Diplomacy and the World of International Broadcasting'. He said then, 'We are intent on securing the all-important "landing rights" for the service in China.' But Beijing usually insists on a price for such entry; and that mostly means, to play the game its way. ... China looms too large for us to think like this in Australia. We won't change China, but perhaps we should consider more clearly the trade-offs involved in reaching agreements, and step aside from areas that require us to change too much." Rowan Callick, The Australian, 13 February 2010.