Elimination of VOA Hindi, Croatian, and Greek included in President Obama's proposed FY 2011 savings.

Posted: 01 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"The 2011 Budget proposal would eliminate VOA Croatian and Greek language broadcasts. As proposed in 2010 and accepted by the Congress, VOA Hindi will cease broadcasting in 2010, these savings are also reflected in the funding summary. While the overall funding level for VOA is increasing from 2010, funding related to these language services within VOA will be eliminated. These reductions help to offset the total funds needed in 2011 to support ongoing programming and new priority needs. ... Each year, BBG undertakes an assessment of each language in which the BBG entities broadcast, fulfilling a congressional mandate to 'review, evaluate, and determine, at least annually, after consultation with the Secretary of State, the addition or deletion of language services.'" Terminations, Reductions, and Savings document of President Obama's FY 2011 budget, OMB website.
     The Broadcasting Board of Governors FY 2011 budget submission is available at the BBG website.