VOA reports on increased subscribers to North Korea's new mobile phone service.

Posted: 31 Jul 2009   Print   Send a link
"The number of people using a mobile phone service provided by Egypt-based mobile operator Orascom Telecom in North Korea is increasing, according to a report on Wednesday. Since the company began the service on Dec. 15 last year, 48,000 North Koreans subscribed to the service as of late June, the Voice of America reported. The Egyptian group is the first foreign firm to be granted a license to provide mobile service in North Korea. The operator plans to expand its service area from Pyongyang to other areas this year, the report said." The Korea Times, 29 July 2009. I couldn't find this in a search of VOA English content, so it must have been a VOA Korean Service report. Again, interesting VOA coverage, given that VOA is "a window on American society, American thinking, American culture, American politics," or so goes the description that members of the House Europe subcommittee swallowed whole on 23 July. See previous post.